Is Project Breakthrough Legitimate or a Scam?

Project Breakthrough is a new online money-making scheme that you might have seen on social media websites like Instagram or Facebook claiming to be able to help you start earning real money in 14 days if you follow their program. Is Project Breakthrough legitimate? Or is it just another get-rich-quick scheme that is out to scam you?

Is Project Breakthrough Legitimate?

Name: Project Breakthrough
Price: $297/month minimum
My Rating: 20/100
Experience Level: Beginner

Introducing You to Project Breakthrough

Project Breakthrough is a 14-day training course that claims that if you follow along with the training then you will be making money by the end of the 14 days.

The first video that you will watch on day 1 basically just tells you their general plan on how you are going to accomplish making money in 14 days. The video is titles ‘How to Start an Online Business’ but no real information is given, just the following generic outline:

  1. Earn real money
  2. Understand how you did it
  3. Rely on & scale income

Project Breakthrough Trainers

The entire introduction video to the program feels exactly like every other get-rich-quick scheme that throws out phrases like “ALL or NOTHING – No Plan B” and “You’ll never attain what you’re not willing to pursue!” Phrases that you’ve probably heard a million times before from some “guru” that is promising to make you rich fast.

Just like every other “guru” that you’ve probably came across, it all comes down to you buying their product that is “different from anything else out there.”

The entire time they kept reinforcing to do exactly what they do and don’t ask any questions and you will start making money. Just follow them, step-by-step, and you’ll get rich.

Anyone that tells me to just follow them blindly automatically throws up red flags in my book.

What is Project Breakthrough?

Project Breakthrough NotesAfter going through the first few training videos of Project Breakthrough I was doing a lot of listening and watching the two guys doing the training, Vick and Jason, read off a PowerPoint and wasn’t actually doing anything to start building this business that they claim they were going to help me build.

The entire day 2 video is learning the basics of Affiliate Marketing and what kind of affiliate networks are out there and what to look for when trying to select a product to promote. If you’re looking for a general overview of what Affiliate Marketing is then this video might be of some help.

However, day 2 was down and I still wasn’t building a business.

Day 3 is when all the magic happens, so they claim. The entire training video lead to them tell you to go to their main website and purchase a monthly membership for $297 in order to be able to complete and make any money with the 14 day Project Breakthrough training.

So by the third day I learned a little bit about Affiliate Marketing and how to promote a product, but still hadn’t started my business. What’s better, in order to even sign up for the $297 per month membership you need a website. When people were confused about what this was they were just advised to enter their website,, without any other explanation. Even when people were asking legitimate questions about the program they were receiving no responses.

By this point it wasn’t looking good so I decided to do a little research on who the two guys leading the training were. Other than being very over dramatic and using trigger language that gets people so excited that they don’t even think before they sign up, they seem like nice guys.

Until you learn that the main guy, Vick, has been part of internet scams before and went to prison for insurance fraud. Overall just seems like a guy that is out to make more for money for himself rather than for you.

And here he is promoting another similar product years ago. You can even see the rental tag on the car keys that he’s driving.

Is Project Breakthrough Legitimate?

After 3 training videos a few hours later I was exactly where I was before I started the training. I learned a little bit about Affiliate Marketing and was shown how much money the two guys doing the training make to get me excited about getting rich but wasn’t provided any information that I could take action on.

In order for me to get to the information that I could take action on it would cost almost $300 – monthly! Anyone that thinks their product is so amazing that they charge $300 right out of the gate without even first letting me try it out is crazy in my book.

I was given a lot of bold claims about how their program was going to make me tons of money but before I could even start I had to give them tons of money first. I’m sure that there useful information available in their website but an entry fee of $300 per month plus thousands and thousands of dollars of up-sells for their other products shows me all they want is to get as much money out of me as possible.

If you already have a thriving business and you are making hundreds of thousands of dollars a month then you might find the Project Breakthrough system useful. But for everyone else that lives in the real world and doesn’t have an endless supply of money just laying around, throwing out thousands of dollars on products and services that have no guarantee of making any money isn’t reasonable, or legitimate, at all.

What it Really Takes to Start an Online Business

In order to start an online business, from the very beginning, you need a website. Without a website you are going to have no where to apply all of that Affiliate Marketing knowledge that you just learned. Even though having a website is the first step, the guys at Project Breakthrough were right on one thing.

It is going to take a lot of hard work and constant training to be successful.

The training platform that I use, and the one that I recommend on this site, is called Wealthy Affiliate. Not only is it completely free to sign up, once you do you get a starter membership to the entire training site and start building your website from day 1. You don’t even learn how to monetize your business with Affiliate Marketing until you have a physical website that is already filled with content that you have created.

By the third day that I had joined Wealthy Affiliate I had built a website that was fully designed and was already creating content. All for free! Yes, they do have a premium membership that you should join if you want to really get serious with your business, but you’ve already been able to access everything that is included in the premium membership so you aren’t just making a blind decision.

Other than having an entire community of people just like me who are building their businesses online to learn from and talk to, the training and tools that Wealthy Affiliate provides are also included in the membership.

There are never any up-sells, everything is included.

It’s going to take more than 14 days to build a business that is going to be able to earn you a full-time consistent income month after month. It’s also going to take constant training and help from others who have been successful in the business as well as extreme dedication. Everything that you need to succeed in starting an online business is available in Wealthy Affiliate.

Join Wealthy Affiliate

What can you start doing today to build your online business?

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