What is ClickBank Profit System? Is it Legitimate?

I went through a “special training” recently through ClickBank that supposedly revealed a groundbreaking way to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in as little as a month called “ClickBank Profit System”. What is ClickBank Profit System? Is it a legitimate way for you to earn a living working online?

ClickBank Profit System
What is ClickBank Profit System?

Name: ClickBank Profit System
Website: www.clickbank.com
Price: $1,497
My Rating: 65/100
Experience Level – Intermediate – Expert

Introducing You to the Clickbank Profit System

I learned about the ClickBank Profit System through an advertisement on Instagram inviting me to a “special live training webinar” presented by two guys that work for Clickbank, Justin Atlan and Adam Horwitz.

I put quotes around special live training webinar because it was obviously not live and there was very little training.

The entire beginning of the two hour presentation was the presenters telling us how revolutionary this training was going to be and how no one else was doing it. They flashed a huge amount of money on the screen to get us excited about what they were about to say, and then they didn’t really say much of anything except how rich they were, over and over and over.

When someone starts off by telling me how rich they are, and continues to do so throughout the “training” it automatically makes me think they are going to try to sell me something very expensive on the premise of being able to make it all back once I buy their product.

ClickBank University

There were a lot of outlines about how the ClickBank Profit System was going to make us rich but no real explaining. When someone asked a question (which was not visible to anyone else in the webinar) about specifics they brushed it off and said it would all be explained “later”. They even said to not bother writing notes because there will be a download at the end (there wasn’t).

The entire first part of the webinar was rushed through extremely fast and it sounded like the presenters were on 1.5x speed. I was barely able to write down notes before they were moving on to the next slide in their presentation (I ignored them and took notes anyways).

About halfway through the webinar it started to become clear that these guys weren’t going to be providing any useful information that I didn’t already know. They were just prepping us in order to present the real purpose of the webinar – to sell you their new, super expensive, product.

What is ClickBank Profit System?

ClickBank Profit SystemThe ClickBank Profit System is composed of two phases – Affiliate Phase and Vendor Phase.

Affiliate Phase

The Affiliate Phase has 3 steps to be done in order and then repeated. The goal of the Affiliate Phase is to sell products already on ClickBank as an affiliate through email marketing campaigns. The 3 steps are:

  1. Traffic
  2. Opt-In
  3. Automated Buying Sequence

To get traffic and create an email list fast they described how to use popular Instagram accounts in order to get shout-outs that lead users to an opt-in email page that you have created that will capture emails.

Once an email list is created, which they claimed to have gotten 82,000 emails in two months, they create content around a specific ClickBank product and then send out those emails to their email list with their affiliate link and earn commissions from any referrals. As their profits from one product start to go down, they do the same thing with another product, and then again and again.

The Affiliate Phase in itself is not new. Many people have been doing this exact same thing for years and if done correctly it is possible to earn a good amount of money. What they don’t tell you is that in order to be able to do all of this with the tools and programs they are using you must first buy their product for $1497.

If you’re like me and just trying to start a business online, you don’t have that kind of money just laying around that you can just throw at a program and hope that you make it back. Sometimes I think that all of these rich guys who claim to be “gurus” offering their products for so much money have just gotten too out of touch with reality to understand what it’s like for the average person.

The Vendor Phase

The Vendor Phase also has 3 steps and can be combined with the Affiliate Phase. The goal of the Vendor Phase is to create and sell your own digital product on ClickBank. The 3 steps are:

  1. Create a Product
  2. Put on ClickBank Marketplace
  3. Leverage other affiliate products

If you’ve ever wanted to create your own digital product, like a digital cookbook for example, then the Vendor Phase is a 12 week course on creating a product from scratch. Once the product is created you can start to advertise it directly through your email list and receive the full amount. They also recommend leveraging other people’s products that you have been selling through in the Affiliate Phase and use them to advertise your product.

It does sound like a legitimate way to earn money if their training is as good as they claim it to be and you are able to get a lot of traffic to your opt-in page. But once again, in order to be able to even start doing any of these things you must pay $1497 without ever being able to see or try it first.

So is ClickBank Profit System a legitimate way to earn money?

With the right tools and training I believe you could earn money with the ClickBank Profit system. It would take a lot of hard work on your part, just like any other business that you start from scratch, but the same system has been shown to work in the past.

However, if I had to judge the rest of the training that these two presenters are going to be doing on this webinar alone, I would take a pass and keep looking. The entire time I was watching the webinar it felt like they were in a hurry to get done talking to us so they can go back to being rich.

If I’m going to pay $1500 for something I’m going to need more than someone that I’ve never heard of trying to sell me something on the basis that they got rich from it already. At least let us have a a trial run at the Opt-In builder to see if it really works the way they say it does.

How to legitimately Start a Business Online

If you’re like me when I was trying to find a way to earn a living working online then you want a place where your entire training and resources are in one place. It took me longer than I would have liked but I eventually found Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate
Join Wealthy Affiliate for free and start building your business right away.

In order to join Wealthy Affiliate and have access to the Starter membership it is completely free forever. Included in the free membership is training that will have your website and business up and running within the first couple of days. You’ll also have access to an entire social community of people that are building their businesses online and are making enough money to quit their jobs and live life on their terms with the help of Wealthy Affiliate.

The training is extremely straightforward and to the point with actionable items on each step of the training that is intended to grow your business. The training is presented by one of the owners of the website who is active within the community each day and you can chat with him any time you want.

Everything that you need to start an online business is within Wealthy Affiliate, and once you are a Premium member (which is only $47 per month) you have access to the entire site and all of the new training and tools at no extra charge.

But just like with any online business, you are going to have to work hard at it each day in order to get success. You’re not going to be rich in a month and you’re not going to be able to quit your day job right away but you will be building something of your own.

Your success is completely dependent on how hard you are willing to work in order to earn a living working online and start living life on your terms.

Join Wealthy Affiliate

What can you start doing today to build your business?

To your success,



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