My Honest Review of Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool – Is it Worth Your Time?

If you are building a business online and creating content that you are trying to get ranked in search engines, targeting the right keywords in your posts can make or break the amount of traffic your site gets. Keep reading for my honest review of Jaaxy keyword research tool and whether or not you should be using it to find keywords for your site.

My Honest Review of Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Name: Jaaxy
Price: 30 Searches FREE (join now for $0)
My Rating: 98 out of 100
Experience Level: Beginner – Expert

Introducing You to Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

In order to create content that is relevant to what people are searching for online you are going to want to incorporate keywords into your posts. Using keywords that are commonly searched for and don’t have much competition is one of the easiest ways that you can start boosting your rankings in search engines.

You might be used to keyword research tools providing a lot of different metrics and numbers that are supposed to help you “out-smart” the search engines so your posts always rank on the top pages.

If you’re writing your content for the search engines then you are forgetting about who is actually going to be reading your content – people. And people don’t like to read content that doesn’t make sense.

There are really only 3 things that you should be worried about when searching for keywords:

  1. How many people are searching for the keyword
  2. How many competing websites are there for the keyword
  3. Does the the keyword make sense

Not only does Jaaxy focus on providing you the first 2 things, they also give you an overall SEO score based on all other similar keywords so you can find keywords that search engines will notice the most.

Sifting out keywords that don’t make sense is up to you. You want to make sure that any keyword that you use actually makes sense in the title of your post. If it doesn’t fewer people are likely to click on your website in the search results.

What is the Goal of Jaaxy?

When I starting doing keyword research for the first website that I built I used the free keyword research tool that is offered by Wealthy Affiliate. I figured a free tool would be fine because I didn’t know much about keywords yet at the time anyways, so what could it hurt?

Well, I can tell you now that I have been using the PRO version of Jaaxy (Join Here) that the amount of time that I save searching for good keywords is well worth the money. Before I used Jaaxy it would sometimes take me an hour to find a keyword that was relevant to what I wanted to write about and met the search criteria I was looking for.

Once I started using Jaaxy I was finding multiple keywords that I could use in a matter of minutes, and was even finding relevant keywords that I could save and write about later! 

Jaaxy started to save me hours each week in keyword research and I was finding keywords that were getting be ranked in the first few pages of Google only a few days after posting to my site.

So the goal of Jaaxy is to help you spend less time trying to find keywords to write about and more time creating content. The more content you create around quality keywords is only going to increase your chances of getting ranked in search engines.

Are There Other Tools and Training?

What would a professional keyword research tool be without some training to let you know how to find the best keywords? Jaaxy offers training on niches, keywords, and insights about how the Online Marketing industry works.

On top of the free training you will also have access to the Jaaxy Site Rank tool. Using this tool you can enter any keyword on your website and see where in Google you are currently ranking. You can then use this insight to see which content is ranking and how to create content in the future that is more likely to rank higher.

Finding quality Keywords for Any Niche has Never Been so Simple

There are literally billions of people searching the Internet each day and using any number of variations of keywords so you should never have to worry about running out of great quality keywords to write about.

Even though keyword research can sometimes seem like an endless search for the perfect phrase, you really shouldn’t be spending anywhere near an hour like I was when I first started.

That’s why I recommend using Jaaxy because it really does save you time when finding quality keywords for any niche. For example, if I’m in the women’s shoes niche (which I know nothing about) I can search in Jaaxy to find some keywords.


There are 5 or 6 good keywords in the general “womens shoes” search alone that I could create an entire post about. Just imagine how much better results you’re going to get when you get a little more specific.


You can do this with ANY keyword that you want to write a post about and find niche keywords that get a decent amount of traffic that don’t have much competition.

How much Does jaaxy Cost?

There are 3 levels of membership that Jaaxy offers:

  • Free Membership – $0
  • PRO Membership – $19 per month, $199 per year
  • Enterprise – $49 per month, $499 per year

Click here to start using Jaaxy today.

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So, is Jaaxy Worth Your Time?

Once you start seeing how easy it is to find quality keywords with Jaaxy you can spend less time looking for what you are going to write about and more time creating content that people will actually read.

I personally found that wasting so much time research keywords using free tools that didn’t provide me with as much research power as Jaaxy was draining my energy that should have been used on writing content.

If you aren’t creating helpful and engaging content to support the keywords that you are using then you are missing out on a lot of potential traffic.

If your time and energy is worth something to you then you should 100% Try Jaaxy.

Once you are able to start consistently writing posts that are targeting quality keywords and focusing on the person who is going to be reading your post you will see your search engine rankings slowly start to go up.

If you are completely new to building an online business then I would also recommend that you get some training to know exactly what kind of keywords you should be targeting and every other aspect of what makes an online business successful.

No matter what you decide, if you want to start earning a living working online then you are going to have to start taking immediate action. Your time is very precious and everything that you do for your business needs to be done as efficiently and effectively as possible, and using the right tools and getting the right training should be your top priority.

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